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Sunday, 24. August 2014
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Sunday, 24. August 2014

Baji Association

is based in Helsinki, Finland and aims at spreading knowledge about Chinese martial and health arts in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. We teach the following arts: Taiji (Chen and Yang styles), Baji (Han style), Xingyi (Hebei style), Bagua (Liang style) and Qigong (mostly Taiji Qigong, which we also call "Chinese morning exercise"). We organize weekly classes all year round as well as seminars, usually in the form of weekend courses.

Lü Baochun

Miika in a Baji punch The need to establish an association appeared when the expert of Chinese martial arts, our head teacher Lü Baochun arrived in Finland in 2001. In the summer of the same year the association was officially registered as Baji ry.

On these pages you will find information about the association, the arts we teach as well as on our teacher and his teachers. We offer a wide variety of choices for those interested in Chinese arts: from the efficient Baji fighting skills all the way to the meditative and health promoting Taiji training. So, please take a look around and come over to get to know our activities. You are always welcome to come and see our training sessions. We usually organize beginner's courses in the autumn and spring terms, starting in September and January.

Taiji training in Hesperia park

Baji form training with master Lü

Practising elbow usage in the Baji way








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