At our association qigong is practiced at weekly courses at a beginner and advanced level. There are also weekend courses and seminaries on the subject of qigong. The teacher for all advanced, weekend and intensive courses is, usually, master Lü Baochun and at the beginner level courses the more advanced of Lü’s trainees are the instructors.

The practice of qigong is very well suited for people who want to learn simple, effective and gentle exercises to calm down and to strengthen the body. The qigong exercises done at our club are single movements so the hurdle for staring qigong training is very low. After a few sessions of practice, the movements can be done on your own, at home or as a pause exercise at work. The depth of the exercises is opened up slowly as training advances and everyone trains at their own pace, there is no hurry. Those who are interested can easily continue on to taiji exercises, as the basis of qigong exercises and taiji exercises are the same.

The clothing required for qigong practice is simply a loose-fitting set of clothes.

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