The plan is that we all will stay at the same hotel. Traditionally, we have been staying at a hotel called Badianba 8.8, which is located near the station of Muxidi. Master Lü will already be in Beijing in the beginning of June and can do bookings of the rooms at the hotel.

If you have already booked or you want to book a hotel for 10th-­13th of June, please let us know at spokesperson(ät) titled “Accommodation in Beijing” and a message that you have your own hotel reservation. Otherwise, we expect you to stay with us at the Badianba hotel.

Hotel address
Badianba Hotel (Sanlihe branch)
26 Yuetan S St, Xicheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China

Address in chinese

Hotel rooms have varying prices, but it should be about 500 yuan per night. This room can accommodate up to 2 people. The hotel is close to a subway station called Muxidi 木樨地, which is on Line 1 of the Beijing Metro.

There is a metro connection to the city from the airport, and the route to the hotel is as follows:

Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 Airport Express,
At Dongzhimen 东直门 station change to second line ( Line 2 ),
At Fuxingmen 复兴门 station change to first line towards west ( Line 1 ),
You get out in Muxidi 木樨地 station.
From Muxidi Station, it is about 5 minutes walk to Badianba Hotel.

Beijing Metro Map­subway.gif
Line 2 is the so­called Ring Road, so it doesn’t matter much what direction the subway moves, as long as you make a switch at Fuxingmen 复兴门 station.

10th to 13th of June
We will have meeting 10th of June at 13:00 in the lobby of the Badianba hotel and Master Lü assist us with the hotel rooms. The hotel should be paid on site and with local currency. If you arrive later, don’t worry, we are close by on the hotel area. Send your arrival details and your location via SMS to +358 41 515 3538 (Kari), so someone of us will come to pick you up.

Between 10th and 13th June, you will be practicing in a local park and possibly heading to nearby destinations

14th to 16th of June
International Taiji & Baji Seminar at Honghe International Sports Center. We will only agree in Beijing on how we go on the spot.

Seminar price is 485€ to be paid on site with cash. Includes 3­days of workouts, meals, t­-shirt and 2 nights of accommodation at the 4­star hotel.

16th of June
After the seminar, we head towards Luoyang, which is 800 km from Beijing. We stop in the city of Handan for a night, because Chinese traffic regulations prohibit highway traffic after midnight.

17th to 19th of June
In Luoyang, we are welcomed by a local cultural organization that organizes accommodation and dining for us. We will get to know the local people and have a bit of cultural exchange with them, both Baji and Taiji. On the next day, we will return to Handan, where we will meet some Yang­taiji practitioners

19th to 23rd of June
We will return to Badianba Hotel in Beijing. After that, day trips to nearby cities can still be done, practicing in the parks, and of course bit of tourism.

For visa applications, follow the instructions of the Chinese Embassy in your country. The Chinese Embassy now also requires a printout of the hotel reservation. Unfortunately, the Baji Association is unable to pre­book a hotel for people, so you must create a reservation for a visa, which can be canceled upon receipt of a visa. Such a reservation can be made, for example, at After receiving the visa, then you can cancel the hotel reservation. Before booking, make sure that the hotel has a free cancellation policy.

You will find official guidance on applying for a visa at the Embassy of your country:




Great Britain

United States of America



Currency, cards and payment
The Chinese currency is Yuan (CNY ¥). Currency can be raised with general international credit cards from ATMs. Before traveling, it is advisable to update your card profile from online banking, so that card usage in China is possible. It is best to avoid using credit cards in shops.

Moving in a group, eating
Master Lü is a travel guide. We mainly travel with a subway in Beijing. For travel tickets and restaurant bills Master Lü has a money bag. We will fill it when needed to keep it in use by collecting money regularly. Master Lü manages the ticket purchase with the money in the bag. In restaurants, food orders are handled by Master Lü and people’s diets are also taken into consideration (remember to report your own special diet). About the dining etiquette that eating begins only when all the dishes are on the table.

There are a few people in the group who know both chinese and english. These persons, if necessary, will offer their help when the translation work is needed. Remember that there are a limited number of translators, so you have to wait for your turn.

Moving alone
Beijing is an international metropolis, where naturally occurs crime and violence. When you call the emergency number, you may not have english speaking person on the other end. In addition, the rule of thumb is that if an unknown person comes to talk to you, it is best not to consider them as being interested in your background or culture. In Beijing, fraud, theft and robbery are still commonplace.

The best way to move in Beijing is to use the subway. With the subway you know costs and from the subway map you’ll always see where you’re going. Taxis are often problematic, so avoid them if you do not want to constantly argue about the price or get to the wrong place.

So you can move freely in Beijing, but then you always move at your own risk.

China has strict the Internet censorship and much of our services like Google, Gmail, Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram are not working. After 2017, China has tightened the VPN policy and blocked VPN applications from iOS and Android app stores.

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