Information packet for autumn 2023

Hey all!

Here’s the relevant times and dates for autumn 2023. If you have any questions, feel free to poke the board via email or at training! 

The autumn season starts Monday 04.09.2023 and ends Thursday 14.12.2023.

We’ve planned the following events for the spring season:
Shuai Jiao 04.11.2023 at Hakunilan kalliosuoja
Taiji Erlu 18.11.2023 at Arabian nuorisotalo
Taiji Erlu 19.11.2023 at Arabian nuorisotalo
Association’s autumn meeting & Christmas party 16.12.2023 at Happy Food Garden
04.-07.01.2024 Lapland camp at Rokua

Exceptions we are aware of as of today:

The following Monday trainings will be held outside:

Mon 04.09.2023 
Mon 11.09.2023 
Mon 18.09.2023 
Mon 25.09.2023 
Mon 02.10.2023 

Lessons cancelled:
Monday  04.12.2023 
Wednesday 06.12.2023 Independence Day 

See you at training!

Kind regards,
Baji Association Board