2023 Christmas Party

Autumn meeting & Christmas party 16.12.2023


It’s time again to get together to relax and feast at our association’s Christmas party. We’ll be gathering at the already familiar Chinese restaurant Happy Food Garden (Kalevankatu 23, 00100 Helsinki).

We’ll start with on Saturday 16.12.2023 at 4 PM with the association’s autumn meeting, where we will discuss among other things the plans & budget for 2024 as well as vote on the new board for 2024. After this meeting at 6PM we will begin the Christmas party! The evening is going to be full of nice food, drinks as well as awesome people! The price will be 20€ per person and you pay it when you come in. Drinks you can buy from the bar.


– Tomato and egg soup

Vegetarian options
– Eggplant with Chinese vinegar
– Mapo tofu
– YuXiang meat strips (vegetarian version)
– Chinese mushrooms and vegetables
– Stir-fried potato strips
– Dumplings (vegetarian)

Meat options
– Kung Pao chicken
– Fried beef
– Octopus with soy bean sauce
– Fish in spicy sauce
– Duck with chives
– Dumplings (meat) 

You can sign up for the Christmas party from the following link, be sure to sign up because space is limited (let us know if you’re bringing an avec too). Our maximum capacity is 36 people and every year we’ve had 32-35 people attend. So remember to sign up no later than 11.12.2023 to reserve your spot!

See you there!

With seasonal greetings,
Baji Association Spokesperson & Accountant