2024 Easter Camp

TAIJI EASTER CAMP 29.3.-1.4.2024

Master Lü Baochun’s 10th Easter Camp follows the Five Steps of Taiji program. The training proceeds from external practice gradually into the internal practices of Taiji. The Easter Camp is a unique opportunity to all Taiji practitioners to benefit from master Lü’s transmission of ancient teachings and the principles of internal Taiji in a comprehensible and executable form. Master Lü’s Five Steps of Taiji advances from mastering the external structure and movement step by step into the discovery of internal movement and gaining control over it. 

The camp will have two training groups: the foundation and advanced groups. We will start training on Friday together as one group and focus on examining the aspects of the two first steps. These are the basic building blocks of all Taiji training; posture and movement. On Saturday, Joona Sillanpää, who is one of master Lü’s most advanced students in Taiji, will continue teaching the foundation group by delving deeper into posture and movement as a solid base in form training and free movement. While finding continuous flow of movement and internal connection, the foundation group can also proceed to the next level of the program, and start to integrate breathing and energy into their training. The advanced group will start on Saturday with master Lü by examining breathing and energy in movement in detail. When a solid base for external and internal training has been found, the advanced group will continue the journey into the  4th step, Mind. At the end of the camp we will review all the steps as one group. 

The Easter Camp is open to all Taiji practitioners, regardless of training level, style or tradition. Foundation group is intended for everyone, from beginner to advanced. Teaching is in Finnish and English. The advanced group is intended for Taiji practitioners who have a solid base of external practices and are ready to step into internal training. Teaching for the advanced group is in English. This camp is not about learning the external form or correcting it, but it is about the essence of your Taiji-training. In the classes we will use the two first parts of the traditional Yang style -form, two parts of Chen-style Yi Lu -form and Qigong for training. It is not essential to know these forms, and if you like, you can also use your own form in training.

We will start the mornings with one hour of Qigong exercise as one group. Personal questions and discussions about training and philosophy of Taiji are encouraged. If the weather is fine we will also train outside. Sunday night we will have an evening party. The price includes 23h of training, accommodation, meals (3 x breakfast, 4 x lunch, 3 x dinner, 3 x evening snack), sauna and Baji beanie. Accommodation is in single/double rooms, budget/hotel-standard options. It is possible to attend the camp without accommodation (meals reduced – fri: dinner, sat and sun: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Mon: no meals). The camp is held at Kisakallio, Lohja. www.kisakallio.fi

Carpools can be arranged from Helsinki centre, harbours and airport. If you are travelling from abroad, we can help you with accommodations and transportation and other info.


Foundation – double budget 511€ / double hotel 531€ / single budget 586€/ single hotel 606€ / 

no accomodation 398€

Advanced – double budget 581€ / double hotel 601€ / single budget 656€ / single hotel 676€ / 

no accommodation 468€

Registration by 13.3.2024 by e-form. Room arrangements (by 13.3.2024), additional information, carpools and other info: heikki.poussa[ a ]gmail.com

Payment due 13.3.2024.

Bank information: Baji ry, IBAN: FI7831313002425577, BIC: HANDFIHH, message: Easter camp, foundation/advanced, budget/hotel, single/double/no accomodation.


Friday 29.3.2024
12.00 Arrival
12.00-13.30 Lunch
13.30-17.00 Training
17.00-19.00 Dinner
19.00-21.00 Training
21.00-22.00 Evening snack

Saturday 30.3.2024
08.00-09.00 Qigong
09.00-10.30 Breakfast
10.30-13.00 Training
13.00-15.00 Lunch
15.00-17.30 Training
17.30-19.00 Dinner
19.00-21.00 Training
21.00-22.00 Evening snack

Sunday 31.3.2024
08.00-09.00 Qigong
09.00-10.30 Breakfast
10.30-13.000 Training
13.00-15.00 Lunch
15.00-17.30 Training
17.30-19.00 Dinner
19.00-20.30 Training
20.30-  Evening snack and sauna

Monday 1.4.2024
08.00-09.00 Qigong (self-guided free training)
09.00-10.30 Breakfast  
Check-out before training
11.00-14.00 Training
14.00-15.00 Lunch
15.00 Easter camp ends


1. POSTURE. This is the key to step inside of Taiji. You can never emphasize the importance of posture too much: this is the foundation that everything is built on. With correct posture you will find the necessary external structure and right alignment to reach balance and connection in your body. All joints are in a natural position, relaxed and open.

2. MOVEMENT. When you have reached correct posture and structure you can start to move, keeping this structure and connection at all times in training. With correct movement you will connect your postures in the form, harmonize the movement and keep external connection in the body throughout the form.

3. ENERGY, QI, BREATHING. It is time to recognize the subtle effect of breathing in movement; to find the natural rhythm of breath. You are not changing the breath, but just following it, naturally joining it. Breathing will start the movement and end it. When you have relaxed enough, Qi will appear and start moving in the body with breathing. The movement of energy will move your body. You have stepped to the internal side of Taiji. Your internal movement will be expressed as external movement.

4. MIND, YI. The first three steps have tamed your monkey mind and in your practice you are experiencing a deepening feeling of solitude and inner peace. It’s time to “grasp” the Qi and start to control it with your mind. Your mind will lead the energy and the movement of energy will be expressed as external movement.

5. SHEN, SPIRIT. This is a level that not many have achieved. It cannot be described in words and therefore cannot be studied in theory. When the first four steps are ready, Shen will emerge.

The Five Steps of Taiji are a continuum. You cannot continue to step two without mastering step one to a certain level. Each of the steps will keep developing through years of practice and throughout your lifetime. It is not a mistake to go a step down and return to basics: we all have to do that at some point during our Taiji-journey. Nobody has absolute or perfect posture nor movement, but with correct training and guidance, we are all getting closer to it.

Master Lü Baochun is a living legend of traditional chinese martial arts, who has trained martial arts his whole life and Taiji over 40 years. Master Lü´s fluent English and knowledge of internal power, meditative side and the fighting ability of Taiji will guarantee the participants a huge leap forward in their own practice. Master Lü emphasizes the importance of questions from students and will give personal assistance to all students. Joona Sillanpää has studied and trained Taiji for over 20 years as a student of master Lü. Joona is also teaching Taiji at Baji Association’s weekly Taiji courses. Joona is training Qigong, Yang and Chen style Taiji and has achieved a high level of knowledge of the external and internal principles of Taiji.

See you at the camp!
Warm regards,
Baji Assoiation announcers