The Whip-staff (Biangun)

The biangun is an absolute specialty of the Association. This staff, which reaches from the ground to the trainee’s chest and thickens towards one end, can easily be described as speedy, dynamic and as striking unexpectedly but powerfully. The biangun is a handy weapon, the techniques of which are useful in both close quarters combat as well as combat at a distance, and its techniques imitate and combine several weapon styles, such as the spear, the saber, the straight sword and the club.

Master Lü’s training in the biangun began as a small boy under the tutelage of his father. The art of the whip-staff has been with Lü throughout his decades-long career in martial arts and it was one of the first weapons to be part of the curriculum at the Association.

Training with the biangun is interesting and versatile, due to the varied techniques and the plethora of uses. The whip-staff also aids in training a flowing and continuous use of the body that combines defending and attacking from unexpected angles at the same time. The more advanced trainee will notice that these same principles are a part of unarmed combat as well, so that they provide a model and a readiness to combat even without the biangun.

Videos of biangun

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