Below you’ll find prices for all the different courses our association offers. Students, pensioners and the unemployed are permitted a20% discount. This discount does not stack on top of the already discounted season & single passes or seminars.

Our association also offers the option to order:

Seasonal pass (spring or autumn season) 440 €
With the seasonal pass you redeem the right to go to as many lessons as you are able to.

Single lesson pass 12€
For those of us with changing schedules. Join & pay when you are able to attend.



Yang Taiji – Advanced120 €
Taiji Tuishou Pair training120 €
Chen Taiji – Advanced120 €


Yang Taiji – Beginners120 €
Chen Taiji – Beginners120 €


Weapons120 €
Baji120 €
Xingyi120 €
Pair training120 €


Qigong120 €
Chen Taiji – Form 24120 €

You can order the course(s) you’d like from our Sign up -page. When you’ve filled the form and signed up, a confirmation email will appear to your mailbox. The bill and instructions on how to pay will be emailed to you separately within a month.

Valid payment methods include card payments & bank transfers.