Summer is closing in and our weekly official lessons are done for this spring. Our active training culture has not, however, stopped at this time of year. Summer’s unofficial park practices in Töölönlahti, which have become a tradition in our Association, will continue throughout this summer too to provide activity for our most eager practitioners.

Regular park training sessions are organised by our Association’s volunteering practitioners. Lessons are completely informal and they will mostly consist of free training which is done alone or with a group of friends. Training can consist of whatever an individual wants to practice and has agreed to with their friends. Other people, as well as organisers, are there for training partners or for providing advice for training.

Organisers will aim to be present on all pre-informed dates. If an exception occurs each organiser has a substitute to replace them. The name of the substitute is informed below next to the name of the main organiser (name of the main organiser is bolded). Below you can see the schedule for practices and arts that the organisers will be practicing on the respective days. However, practitioners of all kinds of arts are always welcome to practice whatever they like. Most often there will be practitioners of all arts present regardless of the day.

Park practices begin on 20.5.
Place: Töölönlahti park, behind Opera house next to the wall of the old sugar factory


Mondays 18–20
TAIJI & TUISHOU, Oskar / Agu
(Oskar and Augo will help people in Taiji and Tuishou training. Beginners are also welcome)

Tuesdays 8–9
MORNING QIGONG (+coffee), Agu

Wednesdays 19–21
COMBAT AND PAIR TRAINING (Xingi, Baji and weapons) Kari / Harri
(Kari and Harri will help in Xingyi training. Beginners are also welcome)

Fridays 8–9
MORNING QIGONG (+coffee), Agu

Schedules may be subjected to exceptions. We encourage everyone to follow our Facebook page for announcements about practices. A WhatsApp group will be maintained to discuss and inform about practices in real time. To join the WhatsApp group contact Paavo Hietanen 040 728 7076.

Contact details for organisers:
Paavo Hietanen 040 728 7076
Oskar Lindberg 041 462 0599
Kari Järvinen 041 515 3538
Harri Eskelinen 050 388 2411
Agu Külm 041 462 2977
Nils Vergi 040 518 1190

Best regards,

Kari Järvinen
Spokesperson | Baji Association

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