Summer intensive courses 2020

Baji Association proudly presents our super popular summer intensive courses under master Lü Baochun. Mark down the dates into your calendar and join us!

We would like to kindly remind our practitioners of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, and to consider the well-being of yourself and others. Please do not come to train if you feel unwell and train responsibly with the level of contact you feel comfortable with.

Each intensive course costs 35 €, and you don’t need to sign up in advance. Just show up! You can pay for the course with (exact) cash on site or with a credit card, or alternatively through our website.

The courses are for everyone and anyone, and will be arranged between 18-21 at the Bay of Töölö’s Hesperia Park, behind the Opera House’s amphitheatre and in front of the old sugar factory’s brick wall.

Mon 6.7.2020 – TAIJI (3h) – Six Harmonies
Tue 7.7.2020 – QIGONG (3h) –  The Mind – focusing, relaxing and being present
Wed 8.7.2020 –  ASEET (3h) – Sword & Spear

Mon 27.7.2020  – XINGYI (3h) – Five Animals
Tue 28.7.2020  – BAGUA (3h) – Dragon Form
Wed 29.7.2020  – BAJI (3h) – Pigua
Thu 30.7.2020 –  – TAIJI (3h) – Recognizing Energies

Mon 17.8.2020 – BAJI (3h) – Combining attack and defense into one
Tue 18.8.2020 – QIGONG (3h) – Breathing – inner and outer balance
Wed 19.8.2020 – BAJI / XINGYI (3h) – Footwork and stepping
Thu 20.8.2020 – TAIJI (3h) – Developing your mind and intent -coordination

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