Summer Intensive Courses 2022


Cheerful spring greetings!

As the spring season marches on, it is time to look ahead towards the summer intensive courses led by master Lü Baochun just like before. So mark down the dates and join us!

This year we offer a seasonal pass for 150€. With the season’s pass you can attend all of the courses offered throughout the summer.

The price for one course is 25€, and you do not have to sign up in advance. You can pay for the course cash in hand  (exact change preferred) or by card at the venue. The courses will take place  18-20 in the evenings in our usual spot behind the old sugar factory’s wall in Töölö Bay near the Opera House amphitheater. 



Mon  13.06.2022 –  CHEN TAIJI (2h) – Posture & Form + TUISHOU

Tue   14.06.2022 – YANG TAIJI (2h) – Posture & Form + TUISHOU >> CANCELLED

Wed  15.06.2022 – COMBAT (2h) – Liu Da Kai – “The Six Great Openings”

Thu  16.06.2022 – QIGONG (2h) – Breath & Movement



Mon 11.07.2022 – CHEN TAIJI (2h) – The 24-form + TUISHOU

Tue 12.07.2022 –  YANG TAIJI (2h) – Energy, Qi & Breath  + TUISHOU

Wed 13.07.2022 –   COMBAT (2h) – Weapons (Sword, sabre, stick or spear)

Thu  14.07.2022 –QIGONG & CHEN TAIJI



Mon  15.08.2022 – CHEN TAIJI (2h) – Energy & The Mind + TUISHOU

Tue 16.08.2022 – YANG TAIJI (2h) – The Mind & Intention + TUISHOU

Wed  17.08.2022 –  COMBAT (2h) – Jing Gang Bashi – “The Eight Main Techniques”

Thu 18.08.2022 – QIGONG & CHEN TAIJI

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