Greetings everyone!

This autumn’s happenings will be as normal as possible. The board of Baji Association have planned events for the rest of the year and if the government doesn’t set any new restrictions, we will do our best to arrange these as usual. However this year has been full of sudden changes and surprising cancellations, so let’s try and be understanding on both sides of the table, both towards the association if we have to cancel an event, or if you as a participant have to cancel your attendance for the sake of everyone’s well-being.

But should all go well, this autumn is full of fun events besides regular training such as:

19.09 one day Taiji intensive -course in Hesperia Park

26.-27.9 Five Animals -camp in Arabia youth house. More info closer to event

24.-25.10 Cheng & Yang -taiji camp. More info closer to event

14.-15.11 Shuai/Five Animals seminar held by master Lü in Turku. More info closer to event

19.12 Autumn season ends with the board’s fall season meeting and our traditional Christmas party. More info closer to events!

06.-10.01.2021 the legendary Lapland camp. More info closer to the event!


11.01.2021 Spring season starts

So mark down the events that interest you and have your ears open for more details when those become available! I’d like to especially point out that we could use new members in the board to help run the association’s day-to-day matters, so if you are interested in keeping us running and in general helping out, please get in touch and mark down the fall meeting date for yourself!

With hopeful regards,

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