Hi everybody!

We had a talk yesterday with master Lü and everyone present at practise what we can do in Baji Association to prevent the spread of Corona. Especially so since infection rates are escalating in the capital-area. Your health is important to us, and we want to continue to offer lessons responsibly. We feel this is important to take measures against, since training in sports groups have been identified as one infection-spreading factor.

Here are our recommendations to all practitioners to lessen the spread of covid-19:

  • Wash or disinfect your hands at the start and the ending of each lesson – “wash when you start wash when you stop”. The association will try and have hand disinfectant available at every lesson, but we warmly recommend everyone brings their own, just in case.
  • Keep a window open during training
  • Sparring and tuishou only when wearing a mask. If you take off your mask during training, you are done with contact-training – so do not remove your mask if you take a break. If you do, you’re done, or you must take a new mask to wear.
  • Wrestling is prohibited during the pandemic. Free-from sparring is ok.
  • We recommend using pads instead of direct contact. Everyone should use their own equipment first and foremost! However, if you do share for example pads or spears, disinfect your hands before and after using equipment. “Wash when you start wash when you stop”.
  • Skip training for one week if you have been to a party, assembled for any reason with a group of over 10 people or travelled. If you’re healthy after a week since this kind of an event, you’re welcome back!
  • If you test positive for Corona please inform us at baji(at)baji.info. Telling us about testing positive is completely voluntary & this information will not leave the board. If we receive a confirmed case within our practitioners, all training will be cancelled for two weeks to stop the spread of infection.

We hope for co-operation and responsibility from everyone during these trying times. Let’s do our part so we can continue to train so that infections don’t spread.

Kind regards,
Baji Association’s board



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