On Friday 20.11.2020 we got new corona-restrictions which no longer are recommendations but decrees. The important one of these restrictive decrees for Baji Association is the one related to adult’s training & hobbies which concerns group and combat sports.

We’ve discussed this in Baji Association’s board and with heavy hearts came to the conclusion we have to cancel Tuesday and Wednesday combat training. So all combat training on Tue & Wed (Baji, Xingyi and weapons) are cancelled until the end of the year. These cancellations do not concern qigong and taiji training. Tuishou will be replaced with other forms of taiji training. Qigong & taiji are defined as wellbeing and not combat sports, which is why it is safe to continue practising them.
These lost combat training hours will be compensated in the summer with two complementary intensive courses.
So the rest of the autumn season will be zero contact training. Mostly our board will follow government regulations. We’ll update you all as to what is our situation before the start of our spring season 11.01.2021.

Wishing you a safe rest of the year,
Baji Association’s board

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