Hello dear members,

On the 18th of March 2020, the Finnish government decided to apply a general lockdown to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, and this lockdown has been continued until the 13th of May. The lockdown applies to Baji Association as well, as we are unable to use any of our training facilities during this time. This unfortunately means all of our evening training is cancelled until the end of our spring season.

Our association has also had to cancel several weekend seminars and camps. This pandemic has dealt a crippling blow to our association’s economy. And as such, we’ve had to send our head teacher Lü Baochun on furlough to even have a chance at surviving the current economic crisis.

The continuation of our association’s training activities next fall, or possibly already this summer, will only be possible if we have the economic means to carry on. The outlook right now is rather bleak. The coronavirus has shocked and weakened the economy around the globe, and our association has not been immune to the effects either. We ask for your patience and understanding during these difficult times, but we the members of the board are people too and are also sympathetic to the individual needs we all need met during this crisis.

We are sorry that the spring of 2020 has been what it has for training, and we wish you all good health and that we will see you again on the other side of this crisis. Stay home, keep a safe distance to your fellow man, and take care of yourselves.

With kind regards,

The Board of Baji Association

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