Hello again everyone!

As the corona-situation worsens, many regions including Uusimaa, are getting tighter restrictions to try and slow down infection rates. Now all hobbies and training, for both children and adults, is cancelled. So this means taiji and qigong are now also cancelled.

The government has also forbidden training outside. So the much talked-about idea of moving training outside is also no longer possible. The point of this is to try and limit everyone’s personal contacts to only those in your family/household. So any assembling outside of your household should be limited to the bare minimum for the next three weeks.

You can read more about the new restrictions here.

We apologise for this unfortunate situation and hope you’ll all stay home and healthy! Hopefully in January the situation will have improved enough to resume training regularly. We will be observing updates on the situation, and let you know what we can offer within the limits of the current restrictions at the time before the spring season kicks off.


Wishing you a peaceful wait until Christmas,
Baji Association Board

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