About Us

Our head teacher is master Lü Baochun from Beijing.

Baji Association was founded in 2001 after master Lü visited Finland for the first time to give a lecture at Helsinki University on martial arts. Lü’s martial art prowess and knowledge inspired many of the listeners present, chief among them a group of young men who would later become the founding members of our association. The same young men suggested to master Lü founding an association and requested him as our teacher. The enthusiasm of these young men convinced master Lü, who had also fallen in love with Finnish nature. As a result, he ended up moving permanently to Finland six months later.

In 2021 our association turned 20 years old. That same year master Lü himself turned 65 – so he has spent one third of his life living and teaching in Finland. During the last 20 years, Lü’s reputation as an exceptionally talented martial arts master has spread far and wide. We’ve organised hundreds of seminars around Europe and even in China. One whole generation has been raised learning from master Lü, and will continue to pass on his knowledge to the next. Master Lü speaks fluent English and his mother tongue Mandarin Chinese. He teaches his lessons in English.

Our association’s actions and principles are strongly based on the ideas of master Lü. To sum them up; everyone is welcome to learn regardless of their background or prior knowledge. If you train with us, you will be a member of our Gongfu-family and we will help each other forward on our martial paths. And all of our paths are supposed to be different – some of us want to fight. Some just want to relax. For some, it’s about learning to know your mind and body. All paths are equally valid in master Lü’s eyes – and you’re more than welcome to travel on yours with us.


In 2024 the board consists of

Member Marja Kuisma
Accountant Mimosa Björn
Chairman Ly-Cong Thu
Spokesperson Kari Järvinen
Secretary Jarkko Myllykangas

Our association also has assistant teachers from master Lü’s long-term students.
Kari Järvinen and Harri Eskelinen teach Biangun and XingYi.
Joona Sillanpää teaches Taiji.
Jarkko Myllykangas teaches Qigong.

If you need to get in touch with the Baji Association board, we actively read the following email:


Or alternatively;


You’re also free to leave message on our social media on Instagram or Facebook (@BajiAssociation). We also announce news & exceptions to training schedules on our WhatsApp-group and on our mailing list.