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Arrival to practice

Instructions on signing up is found on the webpage. If there are problems with signing up or payment, email us at accountant(at)baji.info. You can join the course even in the middle of the season, and the first time is always free of charge. Remember to introduce yourself to the teacher during the course of your first practice session so that he can get to know you.

Training equipment

For clothing all you need are sweatpants, t-shirt and indoor shoes. For weapons training, it’s possible to loan equipment from the association at first and later on buy your own weapons.


Training is suitable for all, regardless of gender, age or fitness. Pain is not a part of training, so if you are in pain bring this up immediately with the teacher. Always ask if a part of an exercise is unclear as this lowers the chance of injury.

First aid

Should an injury happen despite all this, mention this immediately to the teacher in charge. The Association has a first aid kit and several members who have gone through first aid training (EA1).

Culture and training

By joining you will start a fascinating journey into the world of the Chinese arts. The Chinese arts do not have degrees of belts. As people and trainees we are all at the same level. A teacher-student relationship builds up over time through training, when the teachers learns to know you as a trainee.

Training advances structurally. Part of the culture is that the learned things are practiced even on your own time, and the more the better. Everyone can, however, advance at their own pace. The teacher will observe the development of the trainees, but remember to also be proactive and to discuss your own situation and aims.

The exercises are often challenging and require good concentration. Have respect for your training partners and allow everyone to concentrate on their own training.

Ask bravely

Be proactive and always ask if something is unclear. You can also ask questions of the more advanced trainees.

Finally, welcome aboard.

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