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Baji Ry:ssä me uskomme kehitykseen ja kasvamiseen yhdessä, jokainen omin vahvuuksinensa ja heikkouksinensa. Ketään ei jätetä jälkeen, vaan paras opetus on omalla arvoasteikollamme sitä, joka auttaa jokaista löytämään juuri hänelle sopivan tien. Tätä kautta yhdessä olemme enemmänkin yhtä suurta perhettä, kuin seuraa.

The Baji Association isn’t just a martial arts association. It is like a great big family, which includes different types of people with different aims and backgrounds. We are all united by a passion for Chinese cultural heritage, martial arts and self-development. The association isn’t just a place for practice but also a living community, which guides and supports the personal development of its members. At the center are master Lü and his teachings. The Baji Association family includes students from all over Finland and Europe.

The Baji Association was founded in 2001 after master Lü visited Finland for the first time, invited by the University of Helsinki as a lecturer on martial arts. Lü’s background in martial arts drew the interest of a wide audience, especially that of a group of enthusiastic young men who later became the founding members of the Baji Association. These same young men suggested to master Lü that a new association should be founded and asked him to be the teacher. Their enthusiastic attitude convinced master Lü who was also attracted by Finnish nature and he moved to Helsinki with his family six months later.

The association celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2016. The same year master Lü turned 60 – meaning that he has lived and taught in Finland for a quarter of his life. During the last 15 years Lü’s reputation as a teacher of unusual skill has spread far and wide. We have organized hundreds of events and camps all over Europe. A whole generation has grown up under the tutelage of master Lü and is now sharing it on. We have had a unique opportunity to build a bridge between the cultures of the east and the west.

Do you feel the same spark? Whether you’re a pensioner or a teenager, an experienced martial artist or an armchair quarterback, whether you seek spiritual growth or an efficient way of self-defense – you’re welcome to come and get to know us.

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