2025 China Trip

Hi everyone! 

In 2025 it is finally time to return to the roots of gong fu into China! All of those who have been before can regale you with tales of how  worthwhile and legendary these trips always are, so mark the dates into your calendar and start saving up! The trip takes place between 9th to the 20th of June 2025. The trip is open to all regardless of your skill level – if you wish to learn from master Lü, you are welcome!

A more detailed travel plan will be available closer to our departure, but for now you need to know:

  • Our trip begins from Hong Kong. We will stay in Hong Kong for one night, and move onto Guangzhou by train.
  • Hong Kong does not require a visa, but China proper (Guangzhou & Guilin) does – remember to apply for a visa before the trip! (we’ll give out more detailed instructions on this as well closer to the trip).
  • From Guangzhou we will move on into Guilin, which according to master Lü “everyone should visit once in their life.” From Guilin we’ll move back to Guangzhou and from there to Hong Kong and fly home. 

Everyone needs to book and purchase their own flights & hotels. You may join and leave the trip as best suits your schedule (earlier, in the middle, or near the end, etc). We’ll give out the dates and places of master Lü’s hotels when available. Based on his hotel reservations, you can aim to either have the same hotel, a nearby one, or join us later on in the trip. 

During the trip, master Lü will occasionally collect money from everyone for our collective train trips, meals & sightseeing payments as a group. Because of this, we recommend you reserve a lot of local cash on hand (note; Hong Kong & China proper use different currencies).

The trip consists of interchanging training & tourism days. During training days we usually have training in the mornings, during lunches and in the evenings. On tourism days we either tour sights together as a group or on our own – more information on this later as well.

We are also in discussion of the possibility to meet local martial artists or a master. We will give you more info on this when we have it.

In short:

  • 9.-20.6.2025 Hong Kong – Guangzhou – Guilin – Guangzhou (+ flight home from Hong Kong)
  • Book your own flights & hotels. We will let you know where & when master Lü is staying so you can book yours accordingly
  • Get a visa for China proper
  • We’d recommend saving up approximately 1500 – 2000 euros for the trip (inclusive of your stay) + flights on top 
  • Reserve a lot of cash for the trip, as master Lü will collect it for payments as a group for dinners, trips & sightseeing.

Oh boy! Anyone else struck with travel fever? Because us announcers certainly are!
We will give out a more detailed travel plan & guidance once we have it, but in the mean time, if you have any questions about the trip, you can email your questions to baji [ at ] baji.info .

With summer greetings ☀
Baji Association board