2024 Summer Season Info Packet

Hey all!

Some information in relation to the ending spring season & upcoming summer season. If you have any questions, feel free to poke the board via email or at training! 

The association spring meeting will be held on the 30th of April at 17:00 at Talin siirtolapuutarha, Pitäjänmäentie 32 (Metsäpolku 32), 00370 Helsinki. You can find the agenda here.  If you’re planning on showing up, please confirm your attendance by texting our chairman Congi at xxxxxxxx so we know how much food to reserve for the meeting. (You can also call him if you get lost or the gates to the cottages is locked, so we can come open the door for you!) 

The spring season ends on Thursday 16.05.2024.
To celebrate the end of a successful spring season, we’ll be hosting a Tuishou-seminar on 18.-19.05.2024; more information can be found here.

The summer’s intensives will be held on the following dates:

Mon-Thu 15. -18.7

Mon-Thu 29.7 – 1.8 

Mon-Thu 12.-15.8 

The intensives will mirror the content of the spring & autumn training programs as follows:

Mon Yang & Chen Taiji & Qigong
Tue Yang & Chen Taiji
Wed Master Lü’s Fighting Principles (& weapons)
Thu Qigong & Chen 24

The intensives last for two hours between 18-20 and cost 25 euros per lesson. Alternatively, you can purchase a summer season pass for 150 euros and train as much as you can during the summer. The location for all summer training will be Itäkeskus, at 

Kajaaninlinnantie 10, 00900 Helsinki.

We’re also planning on throwing together, should the weather allow, an association hosted picnic (with training), the place, date and time will be specified later. We are also planning on releasing more detailed information on our summer 2025 trip to China later in the summer.

The autumn season starts on Monday 2nd of September.

See you at practice!

Kind regards,
Baji Association Board