2024 Summer Season Info Packet II


Thank you everyone for a great spring season!
Summer absolutely does not mean a break from training! 

As we have done in previous years, this year as well the association will be hosting free summer training in the summer. We assemble on Wednesdays at 18:00 in Hesperia Park, by the old sugar factory wall. 

On Helsinki Day on the 12th June 2024, the association and the styles we teach will be on display. Everyone and anyone is welcome to try out any and all styles we teach. Welcome and feel free to invite your friends to get to know the activities of the association!

The summer’s intensives will be held on the following dates:

Mon-Thu 15. -18.7
Mon-Thu 29.7 – 1.8 
Mon-Thu 12.-15.8 

The intensives will mirror the content of the spring & autumn training programs as follows:

Yang & Chen Taiji & Tuishou

Yang & Chen Taiji

Master Lü’s Fighting Principles & weapons

Qigong & Chen 24

The intensives last for two hours between 18-20 and cost 25 euros per lesson. 

Alternatively, you can purchase a summer season pass for 150 euros and train as much as you can during the summer. The location for all summer training will be Itäkeskus, at Kajaaninlinnantie 10, 00900 Helsinki.

Should the weather allow, we will be arranging a picnic for our gongfu family on Saturday the 20th of July from 15:00 onwards in Lastenlehdon puisto ( Ruoholahdenkatu – Lapinrinne – Lapinlahdenkatu, 00180 Helsinki).

The park has nice even ground for some training, grass to sit on, trees to take shade under, and some fun playgrounds for kids to enjoy, should you take your family with you! The event itself will be free, but we do expect you to bring your own food & drinks. Should you run out of something, there are plenty of restaurants and shops around for potential refills.

Last but not least we’d like to mention that master Lü will be travelling to teach this summer:
Teaching Taiji in Paris, France between 5. -7.7
Teaching Taiji in Bosön, Sweden between 10.-14.7.
(We have always heard nothing but good things about this summer event!)

Wohoo! A whole summer full of gong fu!

With sunny greetings,
Baji Association spokesteam