Summer intensive courses 2021!

Hip hip hurray!
We arise from our elongated winter-hibernation to offer for the summer intensive courses led by master Lü Baochun just like before. So mark down the dates and join us! Starts tomorrow on the 14th of June!

We’d like to remind our practitioners due to the corona-pandemic to be mindful of their own health and behave responsibly towards others. Please do not attend if you feel unwell.

The courses are suited for eveyone and they’re held at 18-20 in Töölö Bay in Hesperia Park, between the Opera House amphitheatre and the old sugar factory wall. More information on the intensive courses can be found here!




The instructors for the summer’s outdoor training will be active members of our association. Training will be freeform and relaxed. You’re encouraged to ask questions from our members practising their own thing. Our active members will try their best to be around when there are no summer intensive courses clashing with these times. Underneath you’ll see the styles and times when you might catch some of our practitioners. The training being freeform means anyone can train and try any style – usually there’s more than one style’s practitioner present. That’s why summer training is the best time to try something new!

Free park training starts 21.6.
Place: Bay of Töölö, behind the Opera House amphitheatre, in front of the old sugar factory’s brick wall.


Mondays 18–20
TAIJI, Oskar

Wednesdays 19–21

Since this is voluntary training arranged by active members, it is possible there will be changes in who is present or even cancellations. There’s a WhastApp group to inform members of extracurricular training where updates are in real-time. To request to join the WhatsApp group, contact Paavo Hietanen 040 728 7076.

Contacts for trainers:
Oskar 041 4620 599
Kari 041 5153 538
Harri 050 3882 411


Wishing you all a healthy & active summer,

Mimosa Björn
Baji Association

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