Hope you’ve stayed healthy and enjoyed the hot summer days!

Here you’ll find the planned programs for this autumn. For example the places and times for courses will be specified before the end of August, and the content and date of the weekend seminars might still change – however we’ve still planned the season with the mindset that we can arrange courses and seminars as usual.

* The autumn season begins on Wednesday 1.9.2021 and courses will be available both on the martial arts and wellness sides of the spectrum. Wednesday courses have been moved to another venue and hours expanded compared to last spring!

* There will be a Taiji-seminar on 11.-12.9, 10:00-16:00. This will be an outdoor course! The topic is “Chen Taiji Silk Reeling”.

* There will be a martial arts -seminar on 25.-26.9, 10:00-16:00. This will be an outdoor course! The topic is “Master Lü’s fighting methods”.

* On Saturday 18.12.2021 we are planning on celebrating the 20th anniversary of Baji Association, the afternoon would be spent training together all the styles master Lü teaches. The evening would be spent cooking, eating and drinking together and reminiscing on these past 20 years. The exact program, schedule, prices and venua will be revealed closer to the event.

* 05.-09.01.2022 The Lapland camp returns! More details will be revealed closer to the event.

* 10.01.2022 The spring season begins.

Changes and cancellations are possible, but we will do our best to inform everyone of changes as soon as possible should those occur.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot an email or ask in person!

With cheerful salutations,

Baji Association Accountant

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